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Bejeweledbycandi 2016-10-08 7:30am

Newbie Question about working with pinks
I am very new to lampworking so please forgive me if my question is silly. I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to my problem. I bought several different shades of effetre pink, but they all look lavender after I anneal them. What am I doing wrong?

Eileen 2016-10-08 8:14am

Can you show a photo? Could they be a little darkened from working too close/hot?
What type torch?

Bejeweledbycandi 2016-10-08 8:29am

It is a spartan torch by Devardi. Too close - maybe. I try to work about 4" up from the base of the flame, but I do have to catch myself when I drift down when I am so focused on the shape coming out right.

Not sure how to post a picture - I am usually just 'stalking' the boards learning, I have never posted before

Eileen 2016-10-08 8:44am

Well welcome!
Try moving out, and maybe turn your flame down. Pinks are best worked cooler, as they burn more easily than many other colors.

Bejeweledbycandi 2016-10-08 10:55am

Thanks Eileen - I will try that

Eileen 2016-10-08 11:56am

And for posting, you can do it two ways.
If you can resize your photos, I think less than 80 kb, 600 per side I think? but if you try and it's too big you will get a message that tells you~ , you can (in advanced reply mode) look to the right under the smilies, and click image uploader. Then browse for the photo and upload, then click on the code to put it in your message.

If not, still in advanced mode, scroll down to additional options. click on Manage Attachments, browse for the images on your device, and upload them (resizing will be done for you). Close that window and you will see below your reply that images are attached.

Sue in Maine 2016-10-08 12:28pm

Me recommendation on pinks is to put all of them away except for Gelly's Sty Pink because pinks require heat experience and they are a pms bitchy color.


snoopdog6502 2016-10-08 1:40pm

Even boro pinks will scuz, boil and be all fussy.
I have to work it pretty far out in the flame also.

Katia 2016-10-08 1:46pm

In addition to suggested by Sue I would add Pink Lady (transparent, pretty stiff for 1-fuel torch), Opal Raspberry (opal, soft, will work well with this torch), Mystic Pink and Pearl Pink (opals, both pretty soft for this torch, look similar in the finished bead so you can buy just one of them) by Reichenbach and Cranberry pink by CIM (transparent, for me it seems a bit less stiff than pink lady though still pretty stiff).

FosterFire 2016-10-09 6:50am

Yeah, pinks are expensive and fussy. In addition to being touchy when it comes to heat, they are much easier to work in a neutral flame. Your torch is always going to be a bit reduced unless you work way out in the flame. You may have to trade speed of working for the better color.

Ravenesque 2016-10-09 11:21pm

What about Reichenbach pinks? I don't use pink but I have tried their 104 Opal raspberry and another I can't recall. Anyway, they didn't give me grief.
Doh! missed Katia's post somehow sorry! I will add that I remember cracking issues with CIM Cranberry, a search will show threads on it.

GravityGlassStudio 2016-10-14 3:43am

Yeah what about trying a different pink? I use CIM Gellys Sty and Dessert Pink with no issues, even back in the day when I was on a hot head.

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