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*Naos* 2017-02-23 3:06pm

Brand New Tutorial - Painted Sunset!
I just finished a Brand New Tutorial! And it's on sale!!!

I also have two other new tutorials in my Etsy shop: Sky Diamonds and Night Fever.

MagpieGlass 2017-02-23 5:37pm

Snagged mine. Love your tutorials. So easy to get results!!

*Naos* 2017-02-23 6:17pm

Thanks, Laura! :)

I may have made two more today as well... Sky Diamonds and Night Fever! ♥

MagpieGlass 2017-02-23 7:35pm

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Hee hee hee ... I have your sky diamonds from a freebie post I think in the potty that you so kindly shared some time back.

Here's my latest ... incarnation ~ galaxy beads ... boggled my first outting with the CZs and my encasing isn't smooth.

*Naos* 2017-02-23 9:17pm

Oh you did a good job with them! I decided to make the tutorial with the pics because sometimes it's fun to see exactly how it goes down. :)

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