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Joe21o 2019-07-24 9:46am

Oxy/fuel torch
As a beginner in lampworking, I have been working on a HH (Hot Head). And after A LOT of research (everything about lampworking is new to me), I have decided to get a National 3A torch with varying tips for my work. I will mounting this onto my table. Before I do this though, I am wondering how much "clearance" a oxy/fuel torch needs in front of it. (For context, assume HTC-3 tip will be used)

echeveria 2019-07-24 10:53am

I don't have much reference for the length of that flame, but my torch is about 3 feet away from my windo/wall, and that leaves plenty of room to spare. I have had a Bobcat, Alpha, and Midrange Plus in that spot. My table is about 30 inches, but I don't put it right up against the wall so I can drop my hoses back inside through the window from outside when I unhook.

Speedslug 2019-07-25 8:05pm

As long as you are not "ragging" on the torch making 3 inch marbles or paperweights 36 inches from the back wall should do it.

Add in an up angle on the torch and you effectively have more than 48 inches.

It never hurts to put a sheet of cement board ( for mounting tile to in the bath) at the very back. It doesn't have to screwed in place, just leaning it against the wall is a lot of 'just in case protection'.

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