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HannahRachel 2014-02-03 8:54am

Tucson Here We Go!
I can't believe that no threads have been started for Tucson! Who else will be there?

I'll be at the Best Bead Show, beginning Wednesday 2/5. I'll be in the Front Foyer, booth 5/6, just to the left of the front doors. Drop by, say hello. I teach all day Thursday and Friday morning, so Shawn will be running the booth without me during that time.

He's got new lampworking tools and some wonderful lampworked frogs.

I've got lampwork beads (only a few flowers, though, so if you want one, come by right away) and my jewelry.

Beading tutorials will possibly be with our stuff as well, or possibly housed within the FiberAndBeads booth where you can get your pattern and then shop for the beads right there.

Please, if you do drop by, introduce yourself. I have so many friends here that I know by your LE name and haven't met yet in person.

LoneTreeStudio 2014-02-04 7:35am

I'll be there too! Lots of glass chainmaille jewelry and components.

I'll also be at The Best Bead Show, in the gym (I can't remember my booth number, but I'm in the aisle all the way to the left, right next to Joy Munshower (Tile Goddess - in case she doesn't see this thread :) ). I also have a booth out at The Tucson Bead Show (the one in The Windmill) that my mom is running. She'll be in the main room on the left.

Can't wait to see everyone!

tilegoddess 2014-02-04 8:18am

WooHoo!! See you awesome chickies there too! Hannah I'm inside in the booth next to rockin' Kim Edwards :D

Come and find us!! :D

dsglass 2014-02-07 3:30am

I'm there too - hi guys!

I'm inside, a couple of rows over from Kim and Joy (and one row over from where it says I am on the map)...

par dsglass, on ipernity
Red par dsglass, on ipernity

zen-mom 2014-02-10 5:14pm

I was there! Got to meet lots of cool peeps. Lots of work, I just got home. My eyes are burning and my tummy is hungry for real food.

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