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silverlilly1 2014-03-09 11:49am

Why is my O2 concentrator so loud?
It's been this way since I bought it, so I thought it was normal, but can anyone tell me why my oxygen concentrator is so noisy? People describe them as whisper-quiet, or as loud as a fridge running, but mine (new from Extreme Oxygen) is much louder than the fan I use to ventilate. Certainly louder than a hothead. Sounds like the motor/compressor/whatever it is itself, as the whooshes of pushing out air are still relatively quiet.

Is there anything I can do to fix this myself (my husband and I are somewhat handy)? I don't want to have to send off to EO, as I've heard enough about their customer service to not want to have to deal with them. It took long enough to get it, that's for sure.


flaming_fools 2014-03-09 7:36pm

they do have a muffler on the bottom. mine broke off and the connection cracked during shipping to me. they sent a replacement connection and got the muffler back on.

Jennefer 2014-03-09 8:31pm

I have the same issue with my M-20. I sent a recording to UO but never heard back from Jack.

I bought a scratch and dent EX-20 that is so much quieter.

silverlilly1 2014-03-09 8:36pm

Darn, you know it was Extreme Oxygen. Sorry. Updating the first post. Will try to look for muffler, but i think it's closed case on the bottom.

Jennefer 2014-03-09 9:14pm

Have you contacted Paul at Extreme Oxygen? I found him very responsive and helpful via PM. He even offered a few ideas as to what the issue is with my M-20 even though it is not one of his.

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