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Mr. Smiley 2009-08-28 6:41am

FREE tubing implosion videos...
These are not my DVD quality videos... they are just quickie freebies so you can get some extra tips on how to do this technique. I plan to cover this in depth and with much better quality video on my 3rd DVD. This was filmed on my daughter's Flip...

At any rate, this is the pendant I made... I didn't show the last steps with the hole and elongating the pendant. I will in future free vids. :love:

Preping the tubing... pulling point and blowing the bubble...

Drawing the design and reducing the bubble to make the pendant...

Enjoy and if you have any questions, just ask... :D

Nitadee 2009-08-28 9:06am

:love::love::love: Thanks so much Brent. I miss working with boro glass now!
It was fun to see this. And about your desk? Isn't it about "real life" anyway? You should see mine, LOL!
Vid is well done, I likey!

lysa 2009-08-28 12:53pm

Thanks Brent. A lot of good info in those videos.

beybey 2009-08-28 1:24pm

Thank you, Brent. I can't wait to get home to take a look and try it out.

sortaflower 2009-08-28 1:41pm

woohoo! awesome! Thank you so much =)

Art of Hand 2009-08-28 2:18pm

Loved it, thanks!

gubnavnania 2009-08-28 6:01pm

Thanks for the videos, Brent.

Love them :D

Nitadee 2009-08-28 7:29pm

So today after seeing this, I went to the store, and PLAYED!!! Since I don't have any tubing in 104, I blew a large bubble on the end of a hollow mandrel....I had some kinda fun let me tell you! Had to make a few modifications, did some over the top good stuffs! Not nearly as nice as yours Brent, but hey.....I'm getting there! Thanks again! Pictures soon, stuffs still in the kiln

artwhim 2009-08-28 11:37pm

Thanks Brent! Great video! BTW, I like the mess on the table, adds to the realism of the video.

Bunyip 2009-08-29 5:34am

Love the way you cover the material... I'll be buying all your DVD's even if I already know the techniques. I always learn something, and it's fun to watch you melt stuff.... But isn't it a bit soon to be talking DVD # 3? Where's DVD # 2 [-X

Otter's Flame 2009-08-30 2:13am

Dear Mr. Brent Graber,
I have seen these videos and I must tell you that at the end of the implosion piece I can not even see the design. The quality of this video is questionable.... what did you use to record this? Your daughter's flip video recorder or something?

Haha! Just busting your chops bro! I happen to KNOW you recorded them on your daughters flip recorder. I also know the high tech lenses and cameras you use for your DVD's

Having had the good fortune to see you do these in person I don't have to see the end result, I know how nice they are and how tight your tubing implosions are I just can't ever pass up a chance to bust your chops buddy! What are friends for?

By the way, on a serious note.... you don't have to give these tutorials out for free, I for one sincerely appreciate that you do this.


Mr. Smiley 2009-08-30 3:36am

:lol: Yeah... the quality of these two videos is DEFINITELY questionable! :lol:

They were quick and easy... and FREE! :D

The Flip does an OK job of shooting regular video, but it won't show hot stuff with much detail. The brightness just doesn't agree with this cheap camera.

I am trying to get some of my good equipment back, so I can shoot another DVD quality video... I probably shouldn't loan it out for trips to Costa Rica, but I can't say no to a friend... when I get some of it back, I'll shoot more HiDef footage and get to work on another DVD.

Thanks for the encouragement and the hard time... love ya man. :D

Mr. Smiley 2009-08-30 6:35am

What do you guys want to see next?

I was thinking about doing a free soft glass demo as well. I can do a dark ivory organic bead... I use silver and gold to fume it... you probably haven't seen them from me before, but I make a lot of obscure stuff that never gets posted online. These are the things I'd like to do vids on... fun fun fun stuff! :D

Let me see if I can get a picture of what I'm talking about...

Imaglassgal 2009-08-30 6:39am

That sounds nice Brent. We'd love to see it!

Mr. Smiley 2009-08-30 7:01am

This is what I'm thinking about... I like them and have enjoyed fuming soft glass. What do you think?

sortaflower 2009-08-30 7:07am

Looks like fun! =)

Carols Glass 2009-08-30 7:29am

These videos of yours are inspiring and your generosity always touches my heart. You are such a blessing (may I say blessing?) to me and I'm sure so many others.

You also keep me from wanting to sell my boro no matter how hard times get.

mad hatter 2009-08-30 8:19am

I am so glad that someone else work area looks like mine. I try to clean it up every week or so (well maybe 2 weeks).

Mr. Smiley 2009-08-30 9:15am

I go for once every year or two... :lol:

char 2009-08-31 10:37pm

Just got a chance to watch it great video!=D> I had someone tell me hey his work space looks like yours only his is neater:lol:

DPete1104 2009-08-31 11:33pm

would love to see a tut on fuming dark ivory glass....gonna have to give that tubing implosion a try..I have some boro tubing...wonder how my Cricket will handle it

glassshaper 2009-09-01 6:53pm

Thank you for doing this. The videos are great and very informative. Also you don't have to apologize for your creative gathering of glass on your work bench.

coyotesfamily 2009-09-02 8:07am

smiley dude i watched these both last night, awesome!!!! just awesome! !! now i totally get it....thanks for the time and energy put into these

Nitadee 2009-09-02 5:47pm

Do I need to say any more? ;-)

Donna J 2009-09-02 6:57pm

Wow Brent- so nice of you to take the time to do this, thank you!

Mr. Smiley 2009-09-06 7:58am

You're welcome everybody!

I've decided not to do any more videos with the Flip... seems it might confuse people as to the quality of my DVDs for sale... so I will still do some free videos, but I will shoot it with my good camera. It'll be a little more work, but you guys are soooo worth it. :love:

I wanna see pics of your pendants! ;)

Troll Lover 2009-09-06 9:50am

Thanks so mmuch for this video Brent, I will surely give it a try :love:!

tt4st 2009-09-08 1:05pm

Thanks for doing these demos for us Brent! I really appreciate the visual and I'd love to see what you can do with soft glass!!!

Rose Leslie 2009-09-11 8:46am

Awe Brent you are the best. I so want to do this. Only my minor just wont push the heat as much as the other torch does. I only have to 5lpms. So that just won't do it.

Please to the torch Gods. I need something bigger. Please. So I can do this.

Awesome. Thanks for the tut. They are awesome.

beadysam 2009-09-11 9:53am

These look fab - thank you! I haven't had time to watch them yet but I've downloaded them for later. You are an angel, hun.

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