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HannahRachel 2015-05-08 11:04am

ISGB Members - Hands of the Maker: Wearable Treasures Deadline EXTENDED - MAY 11, 2
Whoops - that should read:
ISGB Members - Hands of the Maker: Wearable Treasures Deadline EXTENDED - MAY 11, 2015

Even if you can't go to the Gathering this year, all current ISGB members are invited to apply

Hands of the Maker: Wearable Treasures
Deadline for Application:
EXTENDED - MAY 11, 2015

This year’s juried show for the Gathering will
feature pendants and brooches as well as
personal photograph’s of the maker’s hands.
This event is open to all ISGB members,
whether in attendance at the conference or
not, and offers an opportunity to present your
best work in response to a specific theme.
“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the
intellect has struggled with in vain.”
-Carl Jung

The hands are everything. They help bring a
story to life, capture a moment in time, evoke
the spirit of our creative process. Hands
perform mundane tasks like tying shoes, they
complete gestures, and they speak through
our handwriting. As we age, our hands begin to
tell the story of our life’s work and our creative
calling, and like our work, they change over the
course of time.

We really are what we do. Makers truly leave
a piece of themselves in everything they
create. Our work is without question sacred
and because of our hands, we have the great
fortune to carry the story of our work with
us, always.

For this exhibition, glass in any form may be
used with complementary mediums, diverse
materials, or variations in technique. Submit
color images of your pendants and brooches,
or a combination of both. Include black and
white images of your hands during the creative
process, as well as holding one of your finished
pieces. Write a brief description (paragraph of
125 words or less) of what creating with your
hands means to you.

All beads must be made into brooches or
singular pendants strung on something for
display. For example, use a short piece of
ribbon, leather, cord, or chain. Up to six pieces
may be submitted if you are accepted into the
show. All pieces must be for sale. An inventory
list with artist’s contact information and retail
price(s) MUST be included with the pieces
when they are submitted for the show. No
exceptions will be made. Artists selected for
the exhibit will receive 50 percent of the retail
price of the sold items. Payments and any
unsold pieces will be returned via insured mail.
If selected for the show, all brooch or pendant
pieces, black and white photographs, retail
price lists, and artist information must be
received by June 10, 2015. Shipping directions
will be sent out with notification of acceptance.

Apply Online
Email three (3) to six (6) images
of individual pendants or
brooches that are representative
of your intended work (images
need not be of the actual works
being sent), two (2) black &
white images of your own hands
creating the pieces, one (1) black
& white image of you holding a
finished piece, and a brief, and a
brief description of what creating
with your hands means to you to:
Fill out the application and pay
the $25 fee online at:

Dream Fire 2015-05-22 8:46pm

Just thought I'd share the news:
Congratulations to the following artists who have been juried in to the Hands of the Maker: Wearable Treasures exhibition:

Julie Bahun
Carolyn Baum
Cleo Buchanan
Julie Couch
Kim Edwards
Lezlie Foster
Kathryn Guler
Nina "Sam" Hibler
Kathryn Lagassey
Ronnie Lambrou
Gay Massender
Michaela M?ller
Kristen Orr
Sharon Peters
Elaine Rusk
Kris Schaible
Stephanie Sersich
Annie Shook
Ann Steenkiste
Amy Waldman-Smith
Kathryn Wardill
Jeri Warhaftig
Beth Williams

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