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periwinkle 2019-09-07 2:20pm

How to modify an oxygen concentrator
So I just found 2 oxygen concentrators for $130 for both at Goodwill. I know they have to be modified to use for glass bead making. What tips or steps do I need to do to modify it? Iím thinking I can probably do this myself as Iím pretty handy. I already have 2 oxycons, so these would be backups.

echeveria 2019-09-07 2:56pm

I got a 5 lpm one that was used for medical - the only thing I did was take off the threaded fitting, put on a barbed fitting, and clamp my hose onto it.

Speedslug 2019-09-07 9:22pm

The only modifications I know of is for the connection at the out put fitting to get the hose to connect.

I have heard of others going into the innards and "making adjustments" but to my way of thinking that is just trying to get more out a machine than it is designed to deliver.

You can gang the outputs of machines with the same pressures together to increase the volume of flow (3 machines with 5 lpm output {which only deliver about 3.5 lpm at highest purity} will deliver something like 11 lpm of the same purity) but you can not mix pressures very successfully.

You would be better off getting one of those Homefil Oxygen bottle filling machines and use that to pressurize tanks ( as long as you get the hose rigging and regulator that can handle 3 thousand psi ) and use the tank for torching once filled.

And there are full threads of conversation trying to find the parts, hoses and warnings about high pressure set ups at home.

Search for "homefil".

It goes without saying that you probably want to replace all three filters.

kansassky 2019-09-10 7:19am

I totally agree with Phill.
There are companies who take apart oxycons and adjust them inside.
Don’t do that!

My local concentrator repair guru was aghast when he discovered this had been done on my Unlimited Oxygen machine.
Not only is it “false advertising,” it is sure to shorten the life of the machine.

Chain two (or more) oxycons together and monitor the cleanliness of filters.

Speedslug 2019-09-11 8:01pm

When I was replacing some internal tubing in one of my 5 lpm oxycons I found out that there is a 3rd filter inside just before the oxygen goes out to the front panel and then to the patient.

It is a "bio filter" that prevents any pathogens that could be inside the machine from getting to the patient that is already sick enough to require oxygen.
Replacing that filter can improve things a good deal.
Most folks don't know the bio filter is there but I think that Salt City company sends out replacement filter kits that include it.

Good Luck

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