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Tink 2007-03-30 4:20pm

Call For Vessels!!!!
I'm doing some scholarly presentations over the next couple of years, and am putting out the call for some great vessel images.

They can be vessels created with the hollow bead method, core forming or blown. Soft glass, boro, any type of glass is fine. Here are some more details:
  • Size of the work should be up to, but no larger than, 20cm (7.87 inches).
  • Must be a functional vessel, not a vessel-shaped bead.
  • Must be made on a torch, not from a furnace or crucible kiln.
  • Image Size: 1280 x 1024
I have a release form for you to download at:
I must have a signed copy of this to consider your work for inclusion.

This is an ongoing project: Presentations will be given in Ireland, Spain and several other locations around the globe. There is no deadline at this point, though to be considered for inclusion in the Ireland/Spain presentations, I'll need images no later than the 28th of April. I have no desire to make these presentations "The Tink Show", and would like to include the work of a broad range of artists. I encourage you to submit your work!

More information will be posted here on an as-needed basis. If you wish to keep up on this topic, please remember to subscribe to this thread.

Completed release forms and images can be emailed to me at:

Good luck!


Tink 2007-03-30 7:24pm

I have also uploaded the release form as a PDF file:

Kalera 2007-03-30 8:51pm

Hm, you need it by my birthday... I might be able to pull that off, if I don't flake out! :D I haven't made any vessels for a while... the last one was for the sisterbrotherhood game.

kerribeads 2007-03-30 10:47pm

I'm in! This has inspired me to try other styles.....hmmmm.......;)

Tink 2007-03-31 6:00am

Thanks, guys!

Happy birthday, Kalera :-)

Norskiglass 2007-03-31 10:45am

These are little:)

Heart Fire 2007-04-01 2:34pm

Cool Tink, I'll send you some pics as well as the release form. I'm so looking forward to taking classes from you this month.


Lea Zinke 2007-04-01 2:38pm

Hi Tink! I'll do it if I can take a good enough pic! (Very techno-challenged!)

Dave 2007-04-02 6:14am

Hi Tink, I'd love to participate. Cheryl Cobern-Browne is one of my favorite people in the whole world - you will absolutely love her. And actually I just posted a this vessel in yesterday's show and tell... Let me know if you meets your needs or not and I can send the hi-res ones. Hope you're having a great week.

Tink 2007-04-02 6:52am

Fabulous, guys! Dave, that's lovely! Send on the hi-res pics everyone.

Anne Ricketts 2007-04-02 8:50am

Man I hope Vickie sees this!! She has been doing some awesome bird vessels since your class!!

Tink 2007-04-02 9:01am

I emailed her :-)

So for those of you watching this thread, if anyone is looking for me, I am really really sick right now. I suspect pneumonia. But on top of being ill, I have a committment this week at a friend's studio. Bottom line is, I may be hard to reach.

Islandgirl 2007-04-02 2:27pm

Out of curiosity is there anyway to subscribe to a thread without posting to it? I usually forget to subscribe when I post and simple edits don't let you subscribe either????8-[


Kalera 2007-04-02 3:06pm


Originally Posted by Tink (Post 1089920)
Thanks, guys!

Happy birthday, Kalera :-)

Thanks, Tink! :)

fyrebeadz* 2007-04-03 8:51am

Here is one of mine, now if I can figure out how to do the rest of the requirements, I'll send them on!

fyrsmith 2007-04-03 4:21pm

Hey Tink, sorry to hear you are sick, get well soon!!!

How about this one? Its boro, blown from the end of a boro tube, ground airtight stopper. Called "Lupine Garden". I do have high res files of several views of it.


vichall 2007-04-04 7:47am


Do you want to put a limit on how many photos we send? :biggrin:

I'm just addicted to vessels lately. I even begged Jen Geldard this weekend at her class here at Blue Moon until she taught us how to do it her way. So now my head is full of even more new ideas. If there were only more time...

I've gotta get photos of some of the newer ones. Here are a couple of e-formed birds.


Moth 2007-04-05 9:06pm

Those bird vessels are drop dead gorgeous.

scouncil 2007-04-12 4:36pm


vichall 2007-04-12 5:55pm

I just keep making birds and trying everything I know on them. ;-)


Tink 2007-04-12 6:04pm

Just trying to get back up to speed here and wanted to check in on this thread. STUNNING work, everyone! Now get those photos in to me!

Thirteenmoons 2007-04-16 10:10pm

Hi Tink! Hope you're feeling better! Do you need to have exclusives on the submitted images or can they be submitted to other venues/publications?

Tink 2007-04-16 10:25pm

Hi Lauren! No exclusives, and it doesn't matter to me how or where the images have been or may be used.

So guess how many images I've gotten..... ZERO. As much as I've tried to avoid it, the presentation is indeed turning into The Tink Show. Bleah.

tehale 2007-04-17 6:50am

Hey, Tink! I sent you one yesterday. Didja' get it?

Tink 2007-04-17 7:32am

Nope. Try again though. I was having some problems with attachments yesterday.

tehale 2007-04-17 8:13am

On the way!

Thirteenmoons 2007-04-17 8:15am

I'll get some to you then babe! ;)

Venessa 2007-04-17 2:13pm


Originally Posted by Kalera (Post 1089679)
Hm, you need it by my birthday... I might be able to pull that off, if I don't flake out! :D I haven't made any vessels for a while... the last one was for the sisterbrotherhood game.

I have a Kalera vessel, and it rocks!!

fyrsmith 2007-04-18 2:54pm

Well, can't have just a "Tink show". [-( I can't believe you haven't got a greater response to this. I'll send you pics tonight. Glad you are home and feeling better!!!!!!!


vichall 2007-04-18 6:29pm

I sent some pics last night. I'll blame it on taxes that it took me this long. Oh, right, my DH did those. Hmmmm...

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