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Speedslug 2020-03-03 11:45am

Odd Oxygen Concentrator Behavior
I was asked to to post this here where more people can find it:


Originally Posted by BeadIt (Post 5064379)
When I last tried to use my DeVilbiss 5 liter I was unable to get the flow gauge to reach 4.5. I can't find anyone local to fix it, the shipping is too costly, and I've found that it's just too hot in Florida to be making beads in my garage. If anyone can use it for parts it is available for pickup in Naples Florida.

These machines are overhauled every 3 years or so when used for medical reasons.

The technicians open them up, change the filter for the dust bunnies and the fine filter for airborne dust on the input line as well as the third biological filter that is on the output line.
The filter on the out put line is to prevent micro bugs from being passed into the lungs of someone that needs the machine to breath with in the first place.

I think that Salt Lake City Glass has ( or can get) filter sets for each brand and model.
At least they once had a advertisement like that around here a few years back.
When the internal tubing gets old it can get very brittle in some types and kind of gummy and sticky in other types.

You can get tubing that will work for lampworking at the hardware store.

Don't be afraid to gently open it up and take a look.
If it isn't working for you now, there is not much you could do to make it not work for you worse.

ETA: Also there are some spiders like to make a home in little tiny tubing.
You could slip some 8 inches of florists wire into the out put tube with a short hook folded almost all the way back on it self and see if you can pull anything out.
But I think it's filters.

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