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jsknow4445 2018-06-12 7:38am

Source for stud earring posts?
I've been trying to find the stainless steel posts to make stud earrings - just the posts not the ones with the glue pads. Anyone have a source for these?

I'm assuming you need commercial posts so that the clutch backs will have something to catch on correct - meaning that just plain smooth wire would not work?

Thanks June

lotusbunny2009 2018-06-12 10:46am

I got just the post (no gluing plate) from Corina Beads a while back.

jsknow4445 2018-06-12 10:59am

Checked there first - she is sold out - but thank you for the suggestion.

Crazy 2018-06-12 12:38pm

Lisa at vetromagic has good quality surgical steel earstuds in different designs.

Dont know about shipping costs, but as they are very lightwight I would give it a try....

Chocake 2018-06-12 2:46pm

I bought Sterling from Rio Grande. They might have stainless as well.

Trish915 2018-06-14 8:55pm

Rings & Things is running a sale on earring findings right now. :-)

Here is their stainless steel posts... they have a pad, but you could cut it off I think.
You can get a gross (144) for $7.86

I have been using their titanium posts and love them.

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