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gmkcpa 2015-08-30 4:23pm

Elvis Purple Sable - Wow!
I've had this color for a few years and just tried it out. The results blew me away-just what I was looking for. I didn't know this color has greens, blues, browns, yellows and stuff in it.
I'm making donut beads for heavy-duty bracelets; 11-14 typical size donut beads per bracelet, depending on findings used between the beads, and a sterling or 14k gold lobster claw clasp.
I put one wrap of clear from a 5mm rod onto the mandrel. Then in a reducing flame I put 4-8 wraps of the Elvis Purple Sable. Once I get it rounded (donut shaped) I roll it in large clear frit. I melt the frit in still using the reducing flame. Then I add a little oxy to the flame to get my 7mm rod of clear warmed up and I coat the donut with 2 wraps of clear. Melt this in. With a 5mm rod of clear I add a little wrap around each end of the bead to get the clear glass cover closer to the mandrel. Melt in. Done. Anneal 1 hr. at 1050.
Don't hesitate to try rolling the bead in the large clear frit a second time.

Eileen 2015-08-30 5:22pm

Can you show us a picture? It sounds great!

bepnewt 2015-08-31 9:21am


Originally Posted by Eileen (Post 4785614)
Can you show us a picture? It sounds great!

Yes, please!


istandalone24/7 2015-08-31 11:11am

pics pics pics!!

i never knew there was an elvis purple sable. i have purple sable, and the elvis reds, orange and yellow but no purple!

LarryC 2015-08-31 3:42pm

Great color. Mix in some reduction and you can get lots of sparkly shimmery stuff too. TAG colors are worth a little extra.

gmkcpa 2015-08-31 6:11pm

Got Pictures - 3 Purple Sable beads
This is what I got - a front shot and a back shot...

istandalone24/7 2015-09-02 9:14am

so is this a new "elvis purple sable" or just TAG purple sable?
i've never been able to figure out what makes a TAG color an "elvis" color or otherwise.

very pretty beads!!

mightymike 2015-09-02 11:37am

it TAG Purple Sable
one of the first big hits that came out of TAG was red elvis and than yellow elvis and i don't know if thats the only reason they started to call them elvis or if there is more to it but elvis is Trautman Art Glass.
i know ABR has all the Trautman Art Glass under a heading of ELVIS BOROSILICATE ROD.

LarryC 2015-09-02 12:07pm

TAG and Elvis are one and the same.

gmkcpa 2015-09-02 3:39pm

Just wondering - I don't think Elvis refers to 'swivel hips Presley'. Is there an interesting story here?

istandalone24/7 2015-09-03 5:22am

that's what i figured....but if there was another version of purple sable i needed to get my hands on some posthaste.

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