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mandyjw 2013-11-10 11:30am

Love my titanium pen
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I make rather small beads so I always assumed there wasn't a way to sign them without being too distracting. I got a titanium pen when I visited the Playing With Fire studio this summer and am really happy with it. I thought I'd only be able to sign my biggest focal beads but it works so well that I even use it to sign my charm beads. Just wanted to let people know as I really wish I had known about them sooner.

You can find them here too.

luvhotglass 2013-11-10 1:53pm

That's a great idea!

Deb L 2013-11-13 3:48pm

I always wanted to get one of those when I was making kiln-formed bowls and plates. Nice to see it works on beads, too.

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