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Heather Sellers 2014-06-27 11:24am

Free Tutorial: Lesson Learned from an Antique Key
Here is a link to a free tutorial on how to create a lampwork bead on a key:



Happy Beading!

Eileen 2014-06-27 11:55am

Thank you Heather. I recently bought some keys, didn't even notice if they were hollow or not. I'm not sure how you avoid trapping air in there, but maybe when I have a key and a mandrel in my hand the lightbulb will come one.
I appreciate your sharing this information!

Mina 2014-06-27 12:01pm

This is perfect! My daughter asked me to gather some old keys for a project of hers. Now I can personalize them before I give them to her...thanks!!

Heather Sellers 2014-06-27 1:46pm

securing the key without trapping air
Locking Hemostats also work for grabbing the hollow key shank, instead of bead release. I don't have a good pair for keys, so I use the bead release. I also prefer the key to be on the same axis as the mandrel.

You can drip or carefully pour the release into the opening of the key's barrel , then insert a dipped mandrel. The excess release will drip out the end of the mandrel. Gently heat the key in a low flame while the bead release dries. The air will bubble out on it's own :)

The technique also works great on stainless steel thread bobbins. A student and I tried it last class session. Too fun!

Eileen 2014-06-27 2:20pm

Thank you!

Heather Sellers 2014-06-27 3:37pm

Absolutely! Have fun with it!

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