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Ballintoy bird 2019-07-25 10:30pm

Leaking Oxygen Valve Carlisle CC
I have recently replaced both oxy valves on my 6 year old refurbed Carlisle CC. However the outerfire oxy has started leaking again after only a few weeks. has anyone ever had this trouble or heard of faulty valves coming from the factory ?

Speedslug 2019-07-26 7:23am

I am not familiar with enough torches to comment on 'faulty valves' from the factory but I have learned from others that the mating parts in torches, regulators and tank valves (oxygen and fuel) are made from extremely soft metal and that over tightening, even by hand, kills them in just one or two closings.

Also, any dust getting into the lines or carbon residue from back flash flames 'popping' backward through the torch has enough grit to scratch the mating faces and allow leaks to develop.

hyperT 2019-07-26 8:18am

Try some white teflon tape to seal it and see if that helps.

Ballintoy bird 2019-08-11 7:50am

Thanks for your help with this. I managed to get sorted with extremely helpful advice from Bob at Carlisle. Think the damage was caused by detritus in my lines from when I cganged over to hard plumbing. I purged the lines and got the valve sorted.So far so good!

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