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designerbeads 2020-02-01 8:14am

new CIM not available till april
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so pretty...

beadmama 2020-02-01 9:03am

Wheeeee....Is this a replenish supplies or actually new colors? :poke:

PolychromeBeads 2020-02-01 12:39pm



echeveria 2020-02-01 1:11pm


Originally Posted by beadmama (Post 5061253)
Wheeeee....Is this a replenish supplies or actually new colors? :poke:

Those are tagged as new colors.

MagpieGlass 2020-02-01 4:32pm

Oh my ... I see a broke bank account coming. I'm with Amy ... look at those pinks and purples.

PattyK 2020-02-01 5:58pm

I see some interesting blues and greens in there too!

Crazy 2020-02-06 5:51am

wanna have
I have to start saving Money.... At least I have a Little more Time for this because it alsways takes some extra time till they are available in europe….

Croft Eeusk 2020-02-06 9:48am

And oranges as well.

From pics of the 'rich & famous' I've been seeing lately orange is really a hot fashion color now.


Bentley 2020-02-06 8:26pm

It's going to be a feeding frenzy when they come out!!!!

FosterFire 2020-02-09 4:58pm

Oooo, look at those peaches over to the right..!!

beadmama 2020-02-22 10:15am

They are posted on the CIM website some remind me of veiled gg glass like Heather.

carolinesbeads 2020-02-24 1:10am

Some are a restock of old colors, a lot of new ones. I can't wait to test them!


carolinesbeads 2020-03-07 3:08am

If anyone is interested in the results of my testing I'll have it on instagram @eastown_glass
Thanks Caroline

beadmama 2020-04-16 3:07pm

Does anyone know if April is still when the new glass comes in or is it also postponed due to COVID-19?

echeveria 2020-04-16 4:53pm

I have heard mid to late May recently.

beadmama 2020-04-16 6:39pm

Thank you!😊

rainygrrl 2020-04-17 10:12am

Some are still listed on the CIM site as available in April.

SGA 2020-04-17 1:12pm

Kathy said last week, shipments were headed to the UK currently, and expected to head our way in the next couple weeks. However, they don’t know what the port looks like, or if there are any workers available to process the containers. Soooooo.... CIM should be on a ship, but the rest is up in the air. May is expected. That’s all depending on the port though.

Croft Eeusk 2020-04-17 2:20pm

Good luck to them - and everyone drooling while waiting.

But I ordered something Feb. 11 and it still hasn't arrived. Must be a very slow boat.


rainygrrl 2020-04-19 10:04am

Thanks for the update.

battymaddy 2020-05-25 7:20am

Howaco, has the new colors. So many gorgeous ones. I wound up buying per rod.

Eplanet 2020-05-26 3:37pm


rainygrrl 2020-05-29 8:03pm

OMG, I have been meaning to place an order with Howaco. Thanks for the heads up. Off to the candy shop! :)

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