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Rudy 2020-02-27 6:46pm

Where did you buy your oxycon? New England
I need one! Thank you!

Speedslug 2020-02-28 5:57am

I found mine on Craigs List.

Rudy 2020-03-01 5:37am

Thank you!!! I'll give that a shot.

Speedslug 2020-03-01 6:21am

Don't let anyone tell you that a used oxycon is worth a couple three grand either.

Yeah, the medical unit sold for that much when it was paid for by the insurance company for keeping someone alive but we in the general public are not authorized to sell or resell them for medical use.

They have to be recertified for medical use and overhauled by qualified technicians and then sold through something like a pharmacy for mechanical medical equipment with a doctors prescription.

Otherwise used oxycons are often just reminders of someone's illness taking up space in garage and will only sell to the highest bidder and most folks don't want to go through the hassle of trying to find more than one person interested in a bidding war to take it off their hands.

Shop around unless you are thinking of using a monster torch. Then tanked oxygen or some of the brand new higher output (like 20 liters per minute) make more sense.

But some communities don't allow tanked oxygen in residential areas either due to fire regulations (any grease or oil in contact with oxygen under high pressure can go boom like a hand grenade) or because they don't want anyone setting up a junkyard in the middle of a housing park with acetylene (yet another wonderfully explosive gas) torching and piles of things cut from or to be welded to in the yard.

Rudy 2020-03-02 4:47pm

Thank you! Someone is selling one on Craigslist (MA). From Oxford, you remember if that's who you bought yours from?

Speedslug 2020-03-02 7:41pm

I got my 10LPM from a young lady that had a lung collapse on her 3 years before and hadn't used it in 2 years.
She was just north west of Minneapolis MN and was moving to Israel.
She had it listed for $600 but too many scammers were giving her grief offering to sell it for her and crap. I got it for $200. She was running out of time and and patience.

I got a 5LPM unit from the east side of the Twin Cities. The grand father that used it had passed away and it was just taking up space in the garage. That one came with a compressor for the short aluminum tanks that people carry along with some 5 tanks all for $600.

This is the kind of circumstance you should look for.
Take your time to shop the ads for the cities you are willing to drive to and offer what you can afford and not what they are asking.

Oh and and meet in a police parking lot if you can unless you can bring some muscle to back you up.
They won't have to do anything besides be present.

This way the scammers won't want to meet you there and you can fell better about paying in cash.

Rudy 2020-03-03 7:55pm

GREAT advice! Thanks so much!

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