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sky 2017-02-16 9:21am

Need experienced flame worker
Hello, I am a jewerly business owner looking for an experienced
flameworker for a contract job. The job is worth about 4K. Please contact me if

HannahRachel 2017-02-20 10:09am

Shy, you might want to add a little more information here about the job. I'm sure many of us are interested, but it seems really covert and undercover, the way you've written it. Also, I've probably been watching too many Bond movies. Feel free to contact me directly.

Speedslug 2017-02-20 2:22pm


4k is a lot of K and I have no idea if I have the skills, time or technique you are looking for.

Large work, small work, soft glass or boro?

On going kind of project or all at once?

Payment on demand; half now half latter?

Random design or all very similar?

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