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For an item that maybe gets changed once every couple of years this seems pretty reasonable.
Reasonable if you want to figure it at a replacement of every 2-3 years, "perhaps", but if it is in fact same filters as the others - (Which sell for 9.95) they are overpriced at 20 each. I don't believe that just because some people MAY choose to replace their filters every 2 or 3 years makes them worth "double" the price , even if it is within the budget.

Keep in mind the H-1 has 2 filters so we're not talking 20 bucks - we're talking 40

Smaller machines usually replace filters every year or at least that's what I've seen recommended here. Manufacturers typically say every 6 months. Just because I can go 2 years on a bigger machine doesn't mean I should. A lot of factors go into replacement schedule such as geography - desert, coastal, humidity, dry, etc...It certainly doesn't mean you pay double because you get 2 years instead of 1 out of it. That's a bogus marketing tactic.

I replace mine every year as we tend to be a bit dustier in northern Nevada and they are always dirty. Some will probably say that is excessive for replacement but its been running perfectly for 7+ years - so I replace them every year.

As such, I don't see the point of your response except to infer that you felt my comment of 20.00 each being over priced was "unreasonable".

I acknowledge it was an opinion and as such I'll take it for what it's worth but thought in all fairness I would explain to others my thought process of why. It has nothing to do with ABR - I buy a lot from ABR. It's more about 20.00 bucks each being double what they are worth.

Thanks again Available Oxy for the great info.

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