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As long as the extension cord is labeled as being able to carry the current the kiln requires and you don't have it underfoot as a trip hazard or to get damaged from walking on it.

Normal house hold outlets can deliver 15 amps so I would use something marked "Heavy Duty" and only a couple of feet longer than you really need.

But remember that house outlets are often in a strings of 5 or 6 so make sure no other major appliance is on the same string.

Microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines or dryers will all draw enough current to pop the circuit breaker if they run at the same time.

Also keep your nose alert because some older houses don't have wiring that is "up to code".

My own house had a problem with an outlet that had incorrect wiring and when I set up 5 strings of Christmas lights one of the outlets started to very slowly over heat.

Took me a week to realize it and it could have been very bad news in this 140 year old house.
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