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Default Vinyl Record Bowls - putting a new spin on old records!

By a request from the Bathroom, here's my take on a cool craft you might like to try.
This is a fun project that is quick and easy, draws customers in and sells well at craft shows.... Vinyl record bowls!

I did not invent this, but received one as a gift many many years ago, loved it, and by trial and error, found what works for me. (This was pre-google days for me anyway)

Source scratched and damaged records from yard sales, goodwill, etc. The melting process will smooth out most scratches and make for a nice looking bowl.

I put a glass bowl upside down in my oven, set at 200. Just takes about 3-4 minutes to slump over the bowl. I pull it out and push it down in a colander to shape it, and most of the time it shapes itself well. Sometimes you have to work with it... just work fast. It sets up in about a minute. If you don't like the shape, you can always heat it up again and give it another go.

The older thick records (like victrola) don't do as well, nor do they sell well. I've never noticed any smell, except from the thick ones, which i don't use.

I don't seal the labels with anything, though I've thought about it. However, I only sell them for $5 each, so not worth the effort really. I advise placing a napkin or coffee filter in it to protect the label if you use it for chips or popcorn. And just wipe with a damp cloth. But they can be used for so many things beyond food. One of my favorite sales was to a lady decorating for her high school reunion... She used them as center pieces with a candle in it.

They are a great conversation piece at shows, and often people who are about to walk on by "another jewelry vendor", will stop, smile, grab their friends, talk about them, then start looking closer into your booth, and come on in. I also enjoy watching parents try to explain to young kids what a record is. One young girls looked in awe and said "there's a CD in there?!" And bonus: I almost always earn my booth fee back with these record bowls!

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