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"Points" are used in ornament making. You take a piece of tubing, heat it in the middle, then pull it apart. You get a long, thin, "point" that you use as the blow pipe. Along with some other good videos, TimiaGlass has some on pulling points and making ornaments on his YouTube channel:

The following is a good thread on ornaments. Candice (PatientHand on the forums) and others discuss ornament making. There are other threads, too:

Candice sells an ornament tutorial on her Etsy I plan on buying at some point:

I bought some Neon tubing and tried last night to pull some points with it and failed. Like anything else in this art, it's all about heat control and I just don't have it, yet. For this year, I may buy some pre-pulled points to get me through this year since I'm not quite where I can do it myself.

As far as blowing them on the end of a pipe / hollow mandrel / etc, I'm going to try that next and see how (un)successful I am at it. I haven't seen it done, so I'm not sure how you get it off of the pipe. I would guess you cut / snap it off then flame polish it. No bead release involved. I'm going to do a lot of research on it tonight just by searching these forums.

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