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Default Cave Green

I got this and love it, so much that I ordered another half pound before it is no longer available. Makes great stringers for veins/leaves for spring florals. I got one rod of 50 Shades of Grey and glad that is all I got, can't get it to do anything either. JMHO, Dianne
Originally Posted by KJohn View Post
Doesn't Frantz do their own paddles? It might be that they mush the rod around first before pressing. Also the glass might like to be worked cool, and not overworked.

You know, I looked at that glass and almost bought some. I REALLY wanted it, so I'm glad you shared! Do you have any pics? And have you tried their other new colors, the mossy green and cave thing, and so on?

If it does work out for silver glass, at least it would make a nice change from all the tans and browns.
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