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My Rogue is more grey than blue grey and each time I've used it, it still is a dull yucky grey with a tinge of grey blue. I'll have to try it on the cool side and see if it makes a difference,otherwise I can always use it as a core bead. I'll try Woodie on the cool side and try reducing it to see if it gets out of the grey yuck stage. My navy blue was also disappointing and was more faded looking than the paddle. However, I do like the Cocoa bean and Canyon together. The Cocoa bean turned a warm milk chocolates brown and the canyon on top of it was a soft turquoise. I made a beadin cocoa with melted layers of dots on it using the canyon and cocoa bean and the melted dots are a darker brown than the base bead but I liked the effect. I took a picture of the bead which is not a great bead using my iPad but don't know how to show it on the LE forum.

I've found it very helpful reading about other people's experiences with the new Effetre colors. I was leery about the 50 shades of grey and now will definitely not buy it. Lydia
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