Thread: How do I kiln?
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Default How do I kiln?

I can't find any straight forward "what to do with your kiln". I'm convinced everyone is born knowing how to use a kiln and I'm just searching for extremley basic answers. Like at what point do I turn the kiln on? Will I have to set it a certain way for what I'm working on that day? What if I do different kind of work all in the same day? Soft glass for a bit then some boro? Do I leave the kiln on the entire time I'm working? Then when I'm done at the torch do I have to set it to start lowering the temp? I'm sure this stuff should all be obvious or something, but I'm getting a kiln and feel really unsure of everything about it. I'm sure the people I ordered it from can answer all my questions, but I'd just like to hear from some other people too. Were you born with this knowledge?

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