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[quote=KittyGlass I'm getting a glass hive regular guy, and I'll mostly be working with 104 coe (moretti) glass right away then try out 33 coe boro I think, beads and tiny cat sculptures, then maybe try 'usable items'. I'm brandy dandy new so I'm not positive exactly what I'll get into

Welcome to the addiction

The folks are dandy at Glass Hive - even if you call them up w/questions like 'How the heck do I turn this thing on and anneal?' Which I did when I got my regular guy, BTW, and that's after having a different kiln I'd used for years.

Asking questions makes a whole lot of sense if you don't want to end up w/puddles of glass on the kiln floor. Or worse - you on the floor, kicking in aggravation.

And here's an invite that the rest of the gang will agree on too - come on up to the Gallery and visit w/us at the Newbie/Intermediate thread. Show off work or get commiseration on what went wonkie. All questions welcome too. And if nobody can give you an answer, someone usually has something bookmarked or can point you in a direction. Saves a lot of

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