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Originally Posted by BillBrach View Post
Sorry if this sounds rude or whatever, but if you can't spin a mandrel properly, you probably ought to get into another hobby !!!

My hands are very shaky- they always have been. Does that mean I am not worthy of lampworking? I don't think so.

I hand sanded off the corner of a marver and drilled a hole into it, kitty corner. I fit one end of my mandrel in the marver and am able to spin my mandrel levelly. It's what keeps me going.... but rude? This is a link to an old post of mine that shows what I mean. It's a little tutorial on how I make beads the same size... simple frit beads but the focus in this is how I "adjusted" my marver so I can spin a mandrel levelly.

And, Bill, I did find your comment to be rude.

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