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Hello Patty,
Yeah, that's a shame. Unfortunately I've noticed this craft is fading into the past as sadly as that is, just about entirely across the entire internet and out of existence.

I've always stayed away from FB since day 1 because of all the drama.
Well, yesterday I did create an account and wasn't having any luck finding specific groups or people with knowledge of this craft but do remember running across a dead end link to Torch Talk so didn't give it a second thought.

Just went and looked.
Your correct, it appears they are the only really active group I can currently find.

Thank you

Since I'm already here I think I'll stick around and pop in from time to time.
You folks seem to be kind, laid back folks without all the drama our lives are surrounded by.
Never know, maybe I can help somebody else out or share some experience and knowledge.

Like I said, I have a wide range of interest and hobbies.
Never know what I'll be dabbling in at any given time.
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