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Default Propane Vs. Natural Gas

Hello everyone,

I am switching from a Hot Head to a Mega Minor torch by Nortel, and have a few questions/concerns about Propane Vs. Natural Gas.

I found a 100lb propane tank from a local supplier but am worried about having that size tank in my garage studio.(along with a 200lb O2 tank) Or even outside is a little worrisome,this is residential in CA. Also its pricey, but I would like to have the extra fuel and not have to worry about running low in the middle of a project. Does anyone use that size tank? OR my house does run on Natural Gas and I could have someone come and run another line to my studio, However; I have never worked with NG and glass, will I have the same outcome? I have always used soft glass and now switching to Boro. Also I would think it would be cheaper to use Natural gas than Propane? And are there any laws or restrictions in CA on having that size tank in my studio or near the house? and will the NG be hot enough to use with Boro?

Any advice is appreciated!
Thank You
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