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Hi Carolyn,

You placed an order on July 10th, it was shipped on July 12th. I communicated with you that I had the Crystal Clear on backorder and when it arrived I would ship it out to you immediately.

The tracking number for that package was USPS 9405510200986282206049. It was delivered on July 15 at 9:16AM.

I did receive my restock on Friday, however my supplier sent me the wrong clear. So they are making that better and I will have some more in stock this week. They were also going to send, possibly, extra clear for my customers to make up for the mix-up.

However, I see that you have opened a case against me with PayPal for the entire order, yesterday, for the full amount; which you have received approximately half of your ordered product. You would have received the rest if my shipment from my supplier was correct on Friday, however that didn't happen.

I will let PayPal know that you have already received part of that order. If you had asked me for a refund, I would have been more than happy to have done that. But you did not request that from me. So I was still under the assumption that I was to ship you the clear as soon as it came in.

Headed over to PayPal to explain the case to them, so they can take it from there.

If you do still want the clear when it comes in this week, I am MORE than happy to send it to you free of charge as originally promised.

Again, I do apologize.
Sincerely, Julie
Take another look, the message to seller states the refund requested is for $49, the amount I paid for the clear, and the dispute is opened as incomplete quantity received.

At this point, no, I don't want the glass--just a refund for $49 as requested.

If you could have found a way to let me know that you received the wrong item, that would have been helpful.

If I've misjudged the situation, I apologize. However, watching you respond to someone else on my thread while ignoring my question completely doesn't inspire trust, sorry.
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