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Old 2016-09-12, 2:49am
Ravenesque Ravenesque is offline
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Default System out of whack/cooling fan

Hey all. I've had my set up for almost a decade now and it was great, thing is, my senior mother is living here and she gets very cold, so the AC has been off more than on. I bought a fancy 'swamp cooler' from sharper image, works awesome but, my air flies all crazy now. At the same time because of health issues myself I do not take heat well anymore and this thing was a godsend, I just don't trust my set up when it's on. Smoke tests show the smoke sort of sits and swirls then goes up the hood
In the winter my makeup air will cool it off enough (wooo! it's cold), but I still have to get this figured for next warm season.

I have a vent hood, I sit facing the wall, fan behind me, should I maybe put the fan to my side, or get more cfm? Baffles on the side? Move somewhere I can torch outside? (i wish lol)
Any other info I can give? I no longer remember what the cfm of my vent is, it was a scratch and dent and was the recommended one for my set up.
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Old 2016-09-12, 10:58pm
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Eileen Eileen is offline
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Are you saying the cooling fan is behind you?
I have recently been working with a fan behind me, but on the floor, blowing on my legs, and it is helping. I think partly it is because it moves the warm air from the concentrator away from my feet and legs.
My current "hot" fantasy involves a senior discount on glass & tools!
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Old 2016-09-13, 9:57pm
Ravenesque Ravenesque is offline
Join Date: Sep 22, 2009
Posts: 1,202

Yes. Mine is pretty tall, it hits more on my back and shoulders...therefore around my face area.

My 'regular' fan wasn't cutting it anymore, this really puts out the air and while it's great to cool me off, it's too strong for my setup it seems
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