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Old 2018-07-26, 5:18pm
N&N Glass N&N Glass is offline
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Default Oxycon system for running large torches

Hello everyone, name is Jon and this is my first thread- I hope I am posting in the right section!
I have been looking for days to find a fool proof oxygen concentrator system with compressor and tank to run a large torch- mine specifically being a GTT Phantom. I don’t want tanked oxy and have the means to get a system with generators, but even after days of searching I cannot find much. One website has a full plug and go system- consisting of a compressor with 60 gallon tank and three m10 oxycons for $8900. This seems a little steep after seeing other people building it themselves for considerably less.
I’ve read whatever posts in here I could find- one mentioning the hurricanes not being too efficient and a poor choice. Also read all the warnings about building a system and how having oil in the system can cause the tank to explode when compressed and such. And this is why I am asking for a little help- if anybody could point me where I could find step by step instructions on how to build one of these systems safely, OR if they know about a stand-alone generator I may not have heard about? If anyone is running their GTT Phantom or like-powered torch on generated oxygen I would like to know what you’re using! Thank you so much in advance!
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Old 2018-07-26, 5:35pm
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Eileen Eileen is offline
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I hope someone who knows will chime in, but I have heard there is another forum called, I think, Torch Talk that might be helpful too.
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Old 2018-07-27, 6:58pm
Shaper Shaper is offline
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This is a link that takes you to the "TMP" site. Lots of info there. Personally I think the "Oxygen Frog" setups are nice, expensive, but nice.
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Old 2018-07-27, 9:49pm
Speedslug's Avatar
Speedslug Speedslug is offline
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I have to second the Talk glass forum too.

Lots of good information there.

Do remember that you will need to find oxygen safe high pressure hoses rated for 3000 psi.
Most regular hoses can react to pure oxygen and degrade from the inside and at these high pressures you will want braided wire reinforced hoses.
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Old 2018-07-28, 12:25pm
N&N Glass N&N Glass is offline
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Thanks guys I will check out the other forum too! If anyone happens to see this and has the answer don’t be shy
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Old 2018-07-29, 11:01am
Subduction's Avatar
Subduction Subduction is offline
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I haven't built my HVLP system yet but I've collected all the parts. My timer relay is a Macromatic THR-3816U (but the simplified plan would probably work fine). I'm Subduction:

I have a Mirage that will be using the HVLP for the outer ring; the center will be on one or two 20 psi, 10 lmp concentrators. Salt City Glass discounts concentrators during the winter.

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Old 2018-08-03, 1:56am
Oanivin's Avatar
Oanivin Oanivin is offline
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Do not forget to also include the cost to take time and swap K tanks out. I usually do mine on a Monday and it usually just kills my day as far as production. And last but not least, how much grief will it save you, every time I walk in and the oxy pirates tell me my fill cost has gone up another 10% I go ballistic. I can do without all the BS and corporate greed.

If you want to go the compressed oxy con route take a look at Metalbone's thread about using a Homefill II compressor and oxy cons. Initial cost is significantly lower. Stay tuned to this forum as I have a feeling you will see another tutorial using that system in the near future.

One thing to remember is none of these systems are designed to run continuous. A bottle or two a week is about all you will be able to compress and get any longevity out of your equipment.

How many bottles do you have? These micro compressors work best with lower pressures. Best case scenario would be to have a bank of 4 or more cylinders and only fill the entire bank to say 1000 psi. The volume will make up for the pressure but at a better fill rate and with less wear and tear on the compressor.

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Old 2018-08-06, 4:20pm
Alan Alan is offline
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I am about to build a system my self to run a Bethlehem champ, have a look at or join this facebook site Concentrated Lampworkers they have lots of info and knowledge.
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Old 2018-08-19, 6:34am
glass addict glass addict is offline
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I've also heard that folks move to a liquid oxy setup. I've thought about a homefill system as well. My big torch is a delta elite, but i seldomly use the outer fire due to O2 consumption. I'm in Akron, Ohio, so we are neighbors!
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Old 2018-08-30, 4:07pm
LarryC LarryC is offline
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A liquid dewer is the clear choice for cost, efficiency, purity, etc. A high volume and purity oxygen generator system is just not a cheap endeavor. Additionally you will most likely still be dependent on medical concentrators which are just NOT designed for this application.
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air compressor, compressor, gtt phantom, oxycon, oxygen, oxygen concentrator, oxygen generator

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