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Auctions, self promotion, and related things -- Your current auctions on eBay, JustBeads, or any other site. Also any items that are for sale on your website. Show off what you have! Please delete your thread when it is completed.

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Old 2018-01-14, 11:23am
infiniumwaterpipe infiniumwaterpipe is offline
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Default Featured Artist Program From Infinium Waterpipe

Infinium Featured Glass Artist Program

I wanted to open a conversation with all the glass artists out there.

Iíve decided to implement a featured artist program for our new Infinium water pipes. The artists can get the specs and details from me via email, or Iíll post them here as the conversation evolves.

Basically I would offer a few artists the opportunity to be featured on our line of water pipes, this would entail making a mouthpiece, a bubbler and an herb bowl.

We would negotiate a price with the artists up front and then place an order with them for a set amount of pieces to be featured in our water pipes.

Artists are encouraged to submit designs or pictures of their past work. This is a Huge Win - Win Opportunity. It could be the start of some beautiful relationships.

The mouth pieces would be approximately 22-25 mm or 16-19 mm tube and the same could be done with the bubblers.

Bubbler dimensions will be approximately 1 3/4Ē diameter and up to 4Ē tall for this first run(we can accommodate other sizes later).

And finally the bowl should match the look of the other two pieces so they look like a set or theme. The bowl will be standard male 19 mm ground/unground joint.

We have a special adapter for the bubblers and mouth pieces that we will make available to the artists that are chosen to be our first featured artists. Any special glass joints will be sourced to the artists as well. This will ensure Infinium water pipes always maintains a universal fit now and in the future with any artists designs.

Infiniumís design allows for constant customization of the water pipe. The user can change out the bubblers or mouthpieces as they desire. So keep making cool designs and people will want to collect them for their Infinium water pipes.

I tried to keep it simple, so hereís how it would work:

Artist is chosen to be featured on a certain amount of Infinium water pipes

Design and price is proposed for the three piece set (mouth piece, bubbler and bowl)

Both parties agree and an order is placed with the artist

When the parts are completed, they are shipped to Infinium for inspection under our polariscope, then payment is mailed to the artists.

No contracts, we only ask that your work be of the highest industry standards meaning proper annealing cycles using a kiln.

We will be checking the work for stress under a polariscope, so we can ensure the customer they are getting the best possible workmanship and a quality heirloom collectible.

Everything you make will be useable forever on any Infinium water pipe now or into the future, provided the glass isnít broken. People can collect or trade art pieces as well now or into the future. I have instructed my children to never make any of our products obsolete, EVER!

Infinium either reorders more sets or not, but either way the artist gets featured nationally and gets paid for their work. Plus, has potential for still further work from Infinium and the general public.

I hope you guys and gals see the opportunities here, you get ďfeatured and paidĒ. Plus, you get massive exposure, which means lots of people get to see your work and might commission custom pieces as a result, or it could lead to more sales from Infinium now and in the future. So the artist has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What do I get out of it? Simple, I get to focus on my kids, the business and all my new cannabis product ideas.

Iíve already spent a ton of money on building my own glass studio and I have all the torches I will ever need, (well maybe, this is addicting). I also bought a lathe. Howís that for commitment to glass!

But, as you all know, it takes some time to develop the skills, which I'm happily doing. I can make one-hitters, bowls and all kinds of other little sculptures. Itís a lot of fun, but, if Iím spending all my spare time on the torch, Iím not getting the business done.

Thatís when I decided to open it up to all the other fantastically gifted artist out there. Iím no where near their level, but I figured I could possibly team up in a win - win scenario.

Plus I have a few other cool product ideas I want to create for the cannabis community. I will continue to hone my skills on the torch and lathe and even make some of my own glass pieces just for fun, time permitting.

BTW,If you have mad skills, but are in a slump or low on some original ideas, I can give you all kinds of ideas to do, so again itís a win - win scenario!

So just show me some of your work, it doesnít have to be super artsy, different strokes for different folks, I just want the best quality, creativity can come from many areas.

I have lots of things Iíd love to make in glass but donít have the skills yet, so maybe we can team up on some of those special ideas that could be a big deal.

What are your thoughts ????

Interested artists can send me an email with contact info:
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Old 2018-01-17, 2:02pm
queenofsheba52 queenofsheba52 is offline
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Hi Infinium.

What glass do you enjoy melting? What colors delight you? Which torch makes you smile?

We need to get to know you a bit here on LE before we talk business.

Welcome to The Glass Addiction,
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